Acting Classes

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company offers a variety of educational experiences for all ages taught by CSC Resident Actors including our prestigious Groundlings and Groundlings Junior programs. Class takes place at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s current theater, 719 Race St.

Adult Classes

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company is excited to announce these NEW programs for adults taught by members of our Resident Company of Actors. This is a rare opportunity to work one on one with you company favorites! The schedule is below- each class topic meets for 2 weeks- students can take either or BOTH sessions as different information is covered each week.

For the best deal, purchase a 5 or 10 class pass. You can pick and chose the classes that you would like to attend.

  • 10 class pass = $400 ($40/class)
  • 5 class pass = $225 ($45/class)
  • 1 class = $50


“When the mind’s free, the body’s delicate.”

Just like with the voice, over the course of our lives we tend to pick up a number of physical habits and quirks. Some of these become so ingrained that we are not even aware of them, and can be detrimental to the body in the long run. This class will explore ways to be mindful of how we physically move through every day life, ways to realign the body, and ways to let go of the stresses we unconsciously carry.

April 10th and 17th
Taught by Sylvester Little Jr.
Class meets 6:30-8pm.


“And let your clowns speak no more than is set down for them.”

Come experience the unique and giddy thrill that comes with creating on the fly. In the hands of an experienced improv artist you’ll learn about the fine art of “yes and”-ing and the infinite possibilities that it opens up. The skills involved in improvisation are useful in any number of real world situations, and in addition it’s just a whole lotta fun!

May 1st and 15th
Taught by Dave Powell
Class meets 6:30-8pm.

Groundlings Program

Teen Acting Classes

6th—9th Graders

Groundlings Junior, Shakespeare Acting

This is an acting class for 6th-9th grade students who are interested in furthering their acting skills and understanding of Shakespeare. The emphasis of the program will be on learning basic acting skills, working together as an ensemble, and speaking Shakespeare’s text. Workshops on movement, voice, text analysis, character development, and Shakespearean performance will take place throughout the program. By working together through theatre games and scene work, actors in the program will experience the excitement of the artistic process.

Cost $295/semester. Students are encouraged but not required to participate in both semesters.

Class takes place at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company.
Instructors: Kyle Brumley for Spring 2017

Dates for the 2016-2017 School Year

Sundays, 6-8:30pm
Spring Semester:

  1. Feb. 19, 2017
  2. Feb. 26
  3. Mar. 5
  4. Mar. 12
  5. Mar. 26
  6. Apr. 2
  7. Apr. 9
  8. Final Performance (Friday) Apr. 21 at 6pm at PROJECT38 Festival


10th—12th Graders

Groundlings, Shakespeare Acting

This is an acting ensemble developed to provide 10th-12th grade students with the opportunity to learn performance techniques from professional actors while studying Shakespeare and his texts. This 20-week acting-intensive program includes workshops, text analysis, and training in both voice and movement. CSC’s Groundlings provides students with the tools they need to develop their acting talents in a fun and nurturing environment.

This program is audition only for NEW members.
Cost: $750 for entire school year—students register & pay in two installments of $375. Students are required to participate in both semesters of Groundlings.

Class takes place at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company.
Instructors: Jeremy Dubin and Sara Clark

Dates for the 2016-2017 School Year

Saturdays 9-11:30am
Spring Semester:

  1. Jan. 21, 2017
  2. Feb. 4
  3. Feb. 18
  4. Feb. 25
  5. Mar. 4
  6. Mar. 11
  7. Mar. 25
  8. Apr. 1
  9. Apr. 8
  10. Apr. 15
    Final Performance (Friday) Apr. 21 at 6pm at PROJECT38 Festival

Online registration is closed—email to inquire about openings