Annual Fund – Donor Programs

Sponsor an Artist

CSC is the only theatre in Cincinnati to employ a resident ensemble of 15-20 artists. Artists come from all over the U.S. and Canada and many end up making Cincinnati a long-term home. You can sponsor an ensemble member, a group of artists or a member of CSC’s production team – costume designers, set and lighting artisans or stage and production managers. Artist Sponsorships are for the length of the season and start at $1000. You will enjoy on-site recognition and other special benefits to enhance your CSC experience.

Rose Club

The Rose Club is for CSC donors that are connected by a common interest in Shakespeare and his plays. Members of The Rose Club will be asked to make an annual donation of $500 or more to help support the development of future Shakespeare productions, signature cycles, history series and/or new classics that are Shakespeare based.

Special programs, events with artists, Rose Club Receptions and communications will be made available to members of The Rose Club throughout each season.

Belles of the Bard

Belles of the Bard is a membership program for women who are wild for Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. During the Debut Season at The Otto M. Budig Theater, Belles of the Bard will help sponsor one production. Members will enjoy special behind-the-scenes access to see how the play is brought to life with tours of our costume and set design studios, a meet and greet with artists in the cast and a special back stage Belles of the Bard party with the director of the show. 

You can join Belles of the Bard for a donation of $1000 or more.

Donor Honor Roll

“With one ‘we thank you,’ many millions more...”
—The Winter’s Tale, Act I, Scene II

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company extends thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their support of the 20th Anniversary Season. This list includes gifts received from July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015. Totals are exclusive of Capital Campaign donations. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. If you see a discrepancy, please accept our sincere apology and contact Lettie Van Hemert, at 513.381.2273, ext. 3206.

ANGELS ($20,000+)

Otto M. Budig
Calvin and Patricia Linnemann
Tecklenburg Family Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Don and Linda Tecklenburg
Richard and Debbie Westheimer

MINISTERS OF GRACE  ($10,000 to $19,999)

Mrs. L. L Browning Jr.
David Herriman
Jay and Jodi Woffington

CHERUBIM AND SERAPHIM ($5,000 to $9,999)

Sally and Joel Davenport
Judge Mark and Mrs. Sue Ann Painter
Toby and Monica Rau
Vicky and Rick Reynolds
Marc and Suzi Rubin
Peter and Ginger Strange
Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Joseph and Penny Landen
Bill and Karen McKim
Mark and Rosemary Schlachter
Paul Sittenfeld
Edward Trach
Tayfun and Laura Tuzun
George and Nancy Yund

ROYAL FAMILY ($2,500 to $4,999)

Burton and Susan Closson
Kelley and David Downing
Gary and Tricia Glass
John and Elizabeth Grover
William and Patricia Kern
Toni Laboiteaux
Joseph and Penny Landen
Bill and Karen McKim
Mark and Rosemary Schlachter
Paul Sittenfeld
Edward Trach
Tayfun and Laura Tuzun
George and Nancy Yund

DUKES AND DUCHESSES ($1,000 to $2,499)

Robert and Judy Airhart
Bill and Mary Baskett
Dava L. Biehl
Daniel and Kendra Braun

Burton and Susan Closson
Robert and Debra Chavez
Michael Dailey
Mark Dauner
Emily Detmer-Goebel and Scott Goebel
Dr. Stewart and Ellen Dunsker
Joe and Kay Ellis
Jon and Mary Gimpel
Michael Gumbleton and Teddy Gumbleton
Doug Ignatius and Bruce Preston
Linda Klump
Richard I. and Susan J. Lauf Fund
Thomas P. Lee
Alan B. and Marsha Lindner
Ralph Lipsey
Al and Mary Lopez
Michael Masterson
Gerald Greenberg and Pamela Meyers
Kenneth Oswald and Mary Beth Martin
Marilyn Z. Ott
Pepper Family Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Cass and Glenn Plott
Patrick Points and Wijdan Jreisat
Sydney and Russell Schnurr
Jeroen van Leersum

LORDS AND LADIES ($500 to $999)

Bob Amott and Janice Flanagan
Caroline Bahlman
Ron Bates and Randy Lasley
Fred Berger
Gifford Blaylock and Anne Reed
Tom and M.C. Brennan
Shannon and Lee Carter
Family Fund of the Greater
Cincinnati Foundation
Jeff Caywood and Rob Neel
Jim and Honghong Ecker
Ren and Cristina Egbert
Andrew Firstman
Christopher A. Futscher and Lynn M. Schulte
Susanne Geier
Drew Gores and George Warrington
Richard and Barbara Green
Helen and Brian Heekin
Michael and Janice Hess
Edita Hoffman
Lorrence and Barbara Kellar
David and Ruth Lahey
William and Linda Lightfoot
Julia Meister
Niamh O’Leary
Stephanie Park
Charles Parsons
Becky and Ted Richards
Marty Tomb
Randolph and Sallie Wadsworth
Sallie Westheimer and Greg Rhodes
Ann and Peter Williams
James Zimmerman

COURTIERS ($100 to $499)

Anonymous (3)
Mark Aalyson
Christine Adams
Cathleen Arnold
Paule Asche
Susan Bargemann
Henrietta Barlag
Rubin and Charlotte Battino
Brad Bays
Terry Bazeley and John Castaldi
Donald Beck
Patricia Beresford
David and Elaine Billmire
Dabby Blatt
Kelly and Andy Bollinger
Neil Bortz
Robert Brackenbury
Chace and Karen Bramwell
John and Rebecca Bromels
Tia Brueggemann
Shannon and Bill Carey
Angela Chong
James Cissell
Nancy Clagget
Elizabeth Coley
Pearl Compaan

COURTIERS CONT. ($100 to $499)

Kay Cook
Ruth Cronenberg
David Smith
Janet Davidson
Diane Dunkelman
Charles Eckert
Charles and Harriet Edwards
Deanna and David Eppert
Lindsey Faber
Nancy Finke
Denise Fiorvante
Mary and Bob Fitzpatrick
Daniel Fleming
Susan Friedlander
Mary M. Godar
Madeline Gordon
Cynthia Grant
Kenneth Griffiths
Christopher Guthrie and
Hayley Clark
Elizabeth Hampton
Lloyd Hartsough
Mary Healy
Kathryn Hendrickson
Stephen Hill
Karlee Hilliard
Emily M. Hodges
Mike Flanders and
Julie Hotchkiss
Warren Huff
Billy Inabnitt
Stephen and Janet Jackson
Linda B. and Andrew M. Jergens
Marilyn and Robert Johnson
Judge Nathanial Jones
Jim and Mary Ann Kalla
Steven Kenat
Georgianne Koch
Marvin and Gerry Kraus
Susan Kreuzmann
Curt Kuhn
Marion Leibold
Peter and Beth Levin
Travis Lockhart
Dan and Anne Lovell
Rebecca Luckenbach
Robert and Carole
Mary Mahoney
Thomas Kemp and
Jana Martin Kemp
Matt McFee and Jared Queen
James Miller
Howard and Marianne Miller
Ed and Diane Mohlenhoff
Molly Moloney
Connan Morrissey
Mary Sue Morrow
Rob and Andrea Morwood
Drew Mosley
Nora Moushey
Jack and Ruta Mueller
George Nielsen
Fred and Leila Oliver
David and Patricia Papoi
Eileen Parris
Jill and Terry Parsons
Karen and Graham Paxton
Alice and Burton Perlman
Nancy L. Phelan
David M. Piatt
Barry Prince and David Hill
John Proffitt
Kent and Twyla Rader
Miriam Raider-Roth
Lori Raser
Mitchell Rashkin
Stephen and Helen Rindsberg
Betty and Steve Robinson
John Robson
Mark and Jan Sass
Suzanne Schindler
Roberta Schultz
Kimberly Seaver
Rachelle Sekerka
Stephanie Sepate
Lois Ann Shannon
Dr. Edward B. Silberstein
and Jacqueline M. Mack
Dave and Jeanne Welsh
Robert and Myfanwy Smith
Adrienne Angst Smith
Dr. William Spohn and
Dr. Margaret Dunn
Ethan Stanley
Mark and Peg Stedtefeld
William Stenger
Carl J. Studerus
Woody Taft
Jude Tessel
J. Michael and Patricia Thierauf
Elizabeth and Ronald Tinklenberg
Marcia Togneri
Patricia and Peter Torvik
Stephen Tossey
James and Susan Troutt
Rosalie P. van Nuis
Fred and Jo Anne Warren
Richard and Vanessa Wayne
Dick Weiland
Frank and Janell Weinstock
Ted and Mary Ann Weiss
Jim and George Ann Wesner
Joe Wessling
Murray and Amy Wilson

GENTLEFOLK ($1 to $99)

Barrett Aldemeyer
Katherine Allgeier
Jose Alvarez
Ann Applegate Katz
Mark R. Arriens
Robert Auchard
Joan Avery
Todd Avery
Rebecca Barnaclo
Micheal G. and Tricia Bath
Cynthia Bismayer
Peter Blankenship
Will Brackenbury
Scheryl Buda
Rebecca Butts
Jeff Caley
Frank and Mary Chaiken
Margaret Champion
Maaike Chertock
Nancy Colegrove
Catherine Conniff
Willard H. Connor
Elizabeth Cottingham
David Crist
Stella Davies

GENTLEFOLK CONT. ($1 to $99)

Mark Davis
Nilesh Desai
Gina Diehl
Shannon Disbennet
Natasha Dobias
Lisa Ellram
Clare Fazackerley
Amy Feldman
Desiree Fourth
Susan M. Frazier
MaryKathleen French
Vanessa Freytag
Jean Gaines
Andrea Galloway
Andrew Garrison and Cecelia Shore
Chad Geesman
Russell Gehrlein
Patricia Glen
Nancy Goldberg
Sally Grosso
Eric Grothaus
Karla Hall
Pam Harwood
Sigrun Haude
Maria Hehman
Peter Hill
Alan Hodge
Dale Hodges
Katie Hooker
Kimberly Howland
John Hubbartt
John and Catherine Hudson
David and Sharon Hull
Joan Hume
Catherine Ivins
Phyllis Jackson
Jewel Jenike
Janice Kagermeier
Theresa Kahle
Robert Kemnitz
Sheila Kermes
Keith Krallman
Jennifer Kramer-Wine
Carol Leslie
Joyce Looby
John Peter and Mary Lund
Mark Lutwak and Y York
Kenneth Macke
Mary Magner
Judith Mahan
Richard Maile
Heather Mann
Jackie Marita
Lois Marples
Elizabeth Mather
Taylor McCallum
Tim McCarren
Dale L McGirr
Colleen and Mike
Michele Mitchell
Nancy Mohan
Theresa Moon
Anne Moorman
Matt Motsinger
Ryan Moyers
Charles and Virginia Myer
Kimberly O’Connell
Mollie O’Neil
Sherri Orr
Hanna Osinska
Karen Peck
Michael and Ashley Petry
June Phelps
Kirsten Pigford
Betty Prescott
Nancy Purkiss
Abigail Riddle
Curtis Ring
Kathryn Robertson
Donna Robinette
Laurie Roche
Lindsey Roy
Jeffrey and Candace Sallee
Michael Sandmann
Mark Sass
Leila Saxena
Jennifer Saxena
James Schmidt
Jon and Jackie Seymour
Judith Sharp
Natalie Siddique
Lisa Sloane
Mary and Richard Smethurst
David Smith
Mary and Chuck Stewart
Glenda Suttman
Sarah Tankersley
David Tate
Bonnie Tebbe
Elizabeth Tillis-Gilland
Annelly Torres Gomez
Eric Urbas
Judith Vermillion
George Vogel
Ronald Wahl
Buzz Ward
Callum Waterhouse
Shaun Watkins
James, Carol, and
David Weissenberg
Michael and Carolyn
Cinda Willittes
Timothy Wurst
James D Yunker
Marjorie Zappa


Stephen and Paula Brock
Kathryn and Vishnoo Shahani
Elizabeth A. Stone

Bill and Karen McKim
Vicky and Rick Reynolds

Cathy Crain
Richard and Susan Lauf
Al and Mary Lopez
Linda and Addison Maupin
Barbara and Ethan Stanley
Fred and Jo Anne Warren
Gene M. Wilson

This list includes gifts received July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.

Totals are exclusive of Capital Campaign donations.