Debut Season Seating Information

Cincinnati Shakespeare is very proud to unveil the seating plan for the 2017-2018 Debut Season at the Otto M. Budig Theater!

Click below for 360 degree views of the brand new Otto M. Budig Theater!

View from the stage | View from the lobby

You can view these from your mobile phone, desktop, or VR device!

Common Questions

What are the BEST seats?

That is for you to decide!  Every seat is no more than 20 feet from the stage.  And because every seat is going to be a wonderful experience, all of them have the same exact price point. We greatly encourage our Subscribers to select different seats throughout the season to figure out which ones are their favorite. For Show #6, you will see that there is a different configuration of seating available that utilizes our versatile thrust seating.  You can select these tickets with your subscription as well if you wish.

What is the Upper Gallery?

This is a row that is above the Lower Galley, sometimes referred to as a Balcony or Mezzanine. The Upper Gallery overhangs the Lower Gallery at Row E on the sides and Row F in the center. Even sitting in Row G in the Upper Gallery, you are not more than 20 feet from the stage!

Where will the action of the performance be taking place?

We will have a stage experience like you’ve never seen before! Action will be taking place on the thrust of the stage (the portion that projects into the house) as well as deep into the stage. Actors will also be performing in the aisles and in the Upper Gallery.  Our directors are adept at creating an experience that is immersive and takes into consideration sight lines for all patrons.

How does this seating compare to the current theater on Race Street?

This space was designed to present world class performances within reach.  The intimacy factor that many have told us they love about Cincinnati Shakespeare is not lost in this space- in fact, it is greatly improved. No seat is less than 20 feet from the stage. For comparison, from the back row of our current theater it is nearly 50 feet to the stage!  Reducing that distance to 20 feet will be a unique experience that has yet to exist in the region. Also, each row in the new theater will be on it’s own level, much like the back 3 rows in our current theater. This means that the person sitting in front of you should not obstruct your view because their row will be lower.

What accessibility features does this new theater have?

There are 5 Wheelchair accessible seats- 2 in the Lower Gallery and 3 in the Upper Gallery. There is a ramp to enter the Lower Gallery and an elevator to reach the Upper Gallery. All of the rows that have stairs required to reach the seats are marked with a bracket on the above seating plan.  There will not be any stairs required as you enter the theater from the lobby. You will enter the theater at Row D on each side so the level is flat and there are no steps required to reach any seat in Row D. In the Upper Galley, the center 3 sections also do not require stairs. The side 2 sections have a step down to reach them.