Annual Fund – Donor Programs

Donor Honor Roll

“With one ‘we thank you,’ many millions more...”
—The Winter’s Tale, Act I, Scene II

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company extends thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their support. This list includes gifts received from July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. If you see a discrepancy, please accept our sincere apology and contact John Leo Muething, at 513-381.2273 ext.3216.

Benevolent & Bold


Otto M. Budig, Jr.

Martin Chavez

Calvin and Patricia Linnemann

Don and Linda Tecklenburg


Gallant & Glamorous

James R. Bridgeland, Jr.

Mrs. L.L. Browning

Tecklenburg Family Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Jay and Jodi Woffington


Avowed & Audacious


Michael Cioffi

Lynne and Michael McAlevey

Richard and Debbie Westheimer


Devoted & Daring

Joel and Sally Davenport

Kimberly and Dirk Doebereiner

David and Kelley Downing

Susan Esler and Steven Skibo

Gary and Trish Glass

Elizabeth Lovett Grover

Mary Beth Martin and Kenneth Oswald

Marc and Suzi Rubin

Bob and Dawn Schiff

Rosemary and Mark Schlachter

Edward Trach

Bob and Sue Trusty

Laura and Tayfun Tuzun

George and Nancy Yund


Ardent & Astounding

Judy B. and Robert E. Airhart II

Mr. Asif Alikhan

Americana Arts Foundation

Caroline S. Bahlman

Bill and Mary Baskett

Fred Berger

Dava L. Biehl

Mr. Scott Bischoff

Daniel and Kendra Braun

Burton and Susan Closson

Emily Detmer-Goebel and Scott Goebel

Sara and Douglas Dicken

Dr. Stewart and Ellen Dunsker

Jim and Honghong Ecker

Joe and Kay Ellis

Brian and Cathleen Fagan

Christopher A. Futscher and Lynn Schulte

Gerald Greenberg and Pamela Meyers

The Gumbleton Family

Emily M. Hodges

Myron Hughes

Mark Irwin

Valerie Jacobs

Linda Klump

David and Ruth Lahey

Richard and Susan Lauf

Thomas P. Lee

Alan B. Lindner Family

Bill and Karen McKim

Ed and Diane Mohlenhoff

David and Martha Neyer

Sue Ann and Mark Painter

Joseph A. and Susan E. Pichler Fund of GCF

Glenn and Cass Plott

Patrick Points and Wijdan Jreisat

Mitch and Karen Rashkin

Dr. Robert Reed M.D. and Ms. Constance Reed

Charles Scott Riley III Foundation

Jolene Rockwood and Page Busken

Douglas Sackin and Jessica Adelman

Christine and Andrew Schaub

Joanne Schreiner

Shawn Scott and Neil Hoover

Mark J. Stepaniak

Tim and Kym Trenkamp

H. James and Carole Williams


Ebullient & Exhilarating

Lesa Bailey and Ernest Smith

Rubin and Charlotte Battino

Philip Clayton

Brian and Elizabeth Coley

Mr. Louis M Dauner

Tanja and Jeffrey Goldman

William J. Gracie, Jr. and Daniel J. Fairbanks

Richard and Barbara Green

Linda H. Greenberg

Dr. Robert Keith and Ms. Kathleen Thornton-Keith

Jean and Charles Lauterbach

Michael and Georgina Masterson

Stephen E. and Meg B. Muething

Rosalie van Nuis

David and Patricia Papoi

PayPal Giving Fund

Becky and Ted Richards

Mrs. Helen Rindsberg and Mr. Stephen Rindsberg

Rich Schultz

Dr. Edward B. Silberstein and Jacqueline M. Mack

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tinklenberg

James and Susan Troutt

Christopher and Nancy Virgulak

Valliant & Voracious

Christine O. Adams

Mary Clare Brennan

Jacklyn and Gary Bryson

Marjorie E. Davis

Ren and Cristina Egbert

Charles and Stephanie Gates

Lloyd Hartsough

Robert L Hickey, Jr. in honor of Rowen and Remy Fedders

Mrs. Karlee Hilliard

Stephen and Janet Jackson

Heidi Jark and Steve Kenat

Rich Keating

Ted and Molly Lucien in honor of Courtney Lucien

Mary Mahoney

Thomas K. McMackin

Colleen and Mike McSwiggin

D. Lynn Meyers

Tom and Cindy Muething

Dr. B Todd Music in honor of Ms. Elizabeth Rose Music and Susan C. Music

Alice Perlman

Steve and Betty Robinson

Mary Sacksteder in honor of Jacob Sacksteder

Donald T. Semler

Mary G. Shukairy

Marcia and Robert Togneri

Marty C. Tomb

Jo Anne Warren


Grand & Gracious

Mr. Terry Abaray

Bob Amott and Janice Flanagan

Paul Anderson

Anonymous (2)

Henrietta Barlag

Brad Bays

Wilma and Herbert Beigel

Victoria and Peter Beltramo

Patricia Beresford

Eileen Berke

Jim and Susan Bohache

David and Madonna Bowman

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

John Castaldi and Terry Bazeley

Melanie M Chavez

Angela Chong

The Cincinnati Woman's Club

Michael and Kathy Clark

Sue Cohen and Rob Schmuelling

Harriet and Bill Connor

Ralph and Mary Corley

Denise Dal Vera in honor of Rocco Dal Vera

Karen Deye and Heather Black

Virginia Drumm

Dale and Thomas Due

Duncanson House LLC

Corwin and Sally Dunn

Ken Eckert

Charles and Harriet Edwards

Denise Fioravante

Robert and Mary Fitzpatrick

Allyson Fleischer

Gail F. Forberg

Jeremy Garrison

Kathy Gerend-Meinking and John Meinking

Gail Ginther

Robert A. Goering and Monica V. Kindt

Dan and Helen Hartsman

Pam and David Harwood

Thomas C. Hase

Nancy Helwig and Robert Roesbery

Mary Herrington

Dan and Deborah Herron

Mike Hess

Paul Hill

Dale Hodges

Mr. Daniel Hoffheimer in honor of Otto M. Budig, Jr.

Tom and Kathy Hogan

Linda Holthaus

David Horn

Darren and Lucinda Hurst in honor of Laura and Tayfun Tuzun

Robert and Marilyn Johnson

Dr. Peirce Johnston

Nathaniel R. Jones

Jim and Mary Ann Kalla

Eric L. and Shayne Kennedy

Geri and Andy Kolesar

Marvin and Gerry Kraus

Anthony and Elaine Leist

Carol Leslie

Dan and Anne Lovell

George and Genevieve Mabey

Thomas and Lorie MacDonald

Janet Mcgrath

Robert P. Mecklenborg

Mehnert and Seaver Family in honor of Alyssa Mehnert

Ms. Julia Meister

Howard Miller

Jeff and Lori Miller

Kim Morrow

Regine Moulton

Jack and Ruta Mueller

James and Mary Nordlund

Neda J. Nutley

Raymond Ontko

Terry H. and Jill Parsons

Manisha Patel and Michael Curran

Graham and Karen Paxton

Tim and Jan Peter

In honor of Deborah Pfetzing

Rachel Daives Phelps

David M. Piatt

Patricia Plonsker

Maureen and Terry Regan

Abigail Riddle

In honor of Nick Rose's birthday

Kathryn Schnier

Janet Schultz

Rachelle Sekerka

Stephanie Sepate

Saira Shahani

Lois Ann and Edward J. Shannon

Stephen and Melissa Skavlem

Richard and Mary Smethurst

Adrienne Angst Smith

Dr. William Spohn and Dr. Margaret Dunn

Mark and Peg Stedtefeld

Thomas and Patricia Sullivan

J. Michael and Patricia J. Thierauf

Patricia Torvik

In honor of Stella Urbas

Andre and Maureen Valentine

The Voice of Your Customer

Donna Welch

Jim and George Ann Wesner

Mr. Joseph Wessling

Jo Ann Wieghaus

Sally Woodward

Ron Zamorski

Admirable & Honorable

Chad Aashi

Michael Acheson

Ms. Mary Adams

Daniel A'Hearn

Bruce Allen MD

Paul Alley in honor of Henry Alley

Katherine Allgeier

Lisa Allgood

In memory of Renee Alper

Jose Alvarez in memory of Karen Holtkamp

Mr. Eric Anderson

Ms Christy Andrew-Knueven

Anonymous (67)

Mark Arbogast

Keith Armour

Thomas Ashwell

Ms. Laura Atkinson

Kekeli Ato

Karen Austin in honor of Jim and Pat Davis

Joan Avery

Angie Aylor

Mr. Christopher Bahnsen

Joseph and Trish Baker

Jack Baldwin

Hortencia Banuelos

Ken and Victoria Bordwell

Greg Barnett

Greg and Nicole Barnett

Christopher Barnoski

Jack Barrett and Jennifer Geiger

Ruth Bauer

Mr. Joshua Bazzoli

Bobbie Bell

Mary Ann and Doug Bell

Ellen Beltramo

Kerry Benevides

Robert Bennett

Connie Bentley

Mattea Benz

Laura Berger

A. Maris Bernard

Jan and James Besl

Dr. Rebecca Bilbo in honor of Beverly Bilbo

Mark and Tanja Bisesi

Karen Bishea

Katie Bishop

C Black

Tina Blakley

Kathy Blankenship

Katherine Blatt

Kelley Bleh

Ms. Sue Blockberger

Gregory Bobak

Amy Boesenberg

Steve Bolia

Yvonne Boltz

James Bond

Dr Terri Bourus in honor of Elizabeth Jackson

Kevin and Diane Boys

Mrs. Laurie Breyfogle

Dr. Rebeccah Brown

Elaine Brown

John and Peg Bruggeman

Linda Bruggeman

Lisa Burns

Matthew Burwinkel in honor of Alodie Girmann

Mr. Edward Buyniski

Rachel Cairns

Stephanie Calascione

Mrs Brenda Cameron

Mike Camery

Nina Campbell

Stan Carr

Rob Cassidy Family in honor of Courtney Lucien

Michael Caudill

Mrs Alycia Champion

Ms. Pat Ciccarella

Mr Aaron Cioffi

Leslie Clark in honor of Jeanne C Clark

Jane Clarke

Mr. David Closky

Deb Cnota

Robert Coats

Dee Anne and Edward Cohen

Kathleen Collins

Mary Jane Combs

Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati

Polly Campbell

Rebecca Cornelius and James Arbaugh

Elizabeth Conkin

Jackie Conner in honor of Philip Conner Meyer

In honor of Thor Conner

Catherine Marucci Conniff

Stacie Contreras

Mr. David Conzett

Ms. Catherine Cook

Laura Coomer

Dr. Kristen Copeland

Hillary Copsey

Bradley Corey

Clifford Cortright

Patrick Cottingham

Elizabeth Cottingham

Sarah and Glen Courtright

Adrienne Cowden and Eric Avner

Mrs. Constance Crafton

Esther Cunningham

Michelle Curley in honor of Shadow Curley

Robert Dahlstrom

London Dailey in memory of Michael L. Dailey

The Dallases

Marina Dashevsky

Janet Davidson

Donald Deems and Luke Wiseman

Stephen DeHoff

Shelly DeVille

Did You Know Publishing, Inc.

Aaron Drennan in memory of Tank the pit bull

Emilie Dressler

Greg and Susan Duncan

Mrs Mary Duncan

Pam Dwertman

Mr. Chris Eckes

Lisa Egner

Jennifer Ehlers in honor of Tad Ehlers

Susan Ekk in honor of Gerald Williams

Lord Angelius Ellis

Ms. Lisa Ellram

William Fahey

Cecily Fassler

Phil Fiorini

Frank and Amanda Fiorito

Mr. Philip Fisher

Mike Flanders and Julie Hotchkiss

Jack Fogle in honor of Justin McCombs and Nick Rose

Peter and Betsy Frame in honor of Calvin and Patty Linnemann

Susan Frank

Pat Frese

Lori Frey

Renea Frey

Vanessa Freytag

Jill and Greg Fritz

Jay Fry

Mr. Greg Frye

Male Junqiao Fu

Professor Venelin Ganev

Warren Gareiss

Stephen and Gloria Garrett

Chad Geesman

Mrs. Susan Gendelman

Pete and Allison Glynn

Noah Goertemiller

Mr. Mark Goins

Dr Richard Goldfarb

Jeanne Golliher

Maria Gomez

Chris Goodwin

Dr. William Gordon and Dr. Nancy Johnson

Gabby Gragston

Kathleen Greiner

Nicole Greiner

Matthew Griffin

Jane A. Grimm

Diana Grover

Catherine Guilfoyle

Andrea Gumbert

Mr. Fred Haaser

Michael Hackman

Bryan Hafertepe

Laura Leigh Hahn

Karla Hall

C & P Hall

Stew and Linda Hall

Jane Hamilton

Eric and Mindy Hammer

Mark Hammond

Elizabeth and Thomas Hampton

Brian Hanley in honor of Maeve Hanley

Jeffrey Hanna

Peter Hannishin

Sue Hare

Dr. Othello Harris

Helene Harte

Vince Hartmann

Elizabeth Harty

Petrina Hasinski

Mr. Michael Hawkins

Kyle Healey

Michael Heile

Cathy Heizman

Reba Hennessey in honor of Debra Hennessey

Kimberly Herberth

Susan Hergert

Ms. Pamela Heydt in honor of Ann Blankenhorn

Allegra Highsmith

Thomas Hizer

Alan Hodge

Nancy Hoffman

Bonnie Hoffmann

Amanda Hollinger

Randy Hollowell

Mike Holm

Alex Holtel

Patricia Hopson

Seanna Howard

Lynette Hudiburgh

Rebecca Hussey

Clo John Hutton

Todd and Lea Immell

Phyllis Jackson

Martin James

Dale Jenkins

Garry Jerow

Dr. Holly Johnson

Dr. Steven Johnson in honor of Rebecca M. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Elza Jonas in honor of Peter and Marie Bernich

Mr. Andrew Jones

David Jones in honor of Miranda McGee

Dr. Samantha Jones

Mayumi Joseph

Chris and Teri Judy

Lauren Judyt

John Juech in honor of Louis Schroder

Ms. Tiffiny Kaiser

Mr. Adam Kanet

Marcy and Mark Kanter

Ms. Deborah Karle

Susan Longfield Karr

Mitchell and Casey Katz

Robert and Trena Kelly

Mr. David Kempton

Caroline Key in honor of Charlie Key

Ms Alexandria Kimsey in honor of Evan Callahan, Pillar of Community

Eric Kirchner

Erik Koenig

Jeff Kohler

Leslie Korbee in honor of Michele Mascari

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kowalski

Dave Kozlowski

Barbara Kraemer

Wayne and Janet Kratochvil

Kathleen Krause

Michael Kremzar

Toni Kreps in honor of Rachel Kreps

Dianne Kruetzkamp

Christopher Kuhnhein

The Kunath Family

John and Betsy Lamacchia

Cynthia Lasonczyk

Linda Latham

Lindsay Laubenstein

Mr. Jason Lawless

Mrs. Leslie Leffler

Ms. Betsy Leigh

Dr. Nicole Leisgang

Mrs. Teresa Leming

Dr. Gretchen Lemmink

Judith Lewis

Barry Lienhart

Rebecca Lindley in honor of Mary Lindley

Mr. Brandon Lindsay

Mrs. Nancy Lippincott

Amy Litwin

Mackenzie Long

Joyce Looby

Karen Luckie

John-Peter Lund

Mr. John Lusher

Maureen Lynch

Richard and Susan Mack

Anthony Mackzum in honor of Michael T. Mackzum

Carolyn Marra

Dennis and Jeanine Marschner

Luis and Bertha Martinez-Leon

Michele Mansfield

Susan Mazzeo

Mrs. Veronica McCreary-Hall in honor of Andrew McCreary

Travis McElroy

Rosie Mcguire

Spencer McKinney in memory of Lamar & Ann McKinney

Caitlin McWethy in honor of Dave F'n Powell

Gregory and Elaine Mersol

David Mesko

Joe Metz

Louise Meyer

Dr. Roger Meyer

Dr. Karen Meyers and William Jones in memory of Camille Meyers and Sally Jones

Dianna Miller

John Miller and Traci Kraus

In memory of Dina Minsky

Dr Pama Mitchell

Diane and Dave Moccia

Charity Moeller

Chris and Deb Moning

Andy Moser

Andrew Muntel

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Myer III

Barbara Myers

Chris Nare

Dr. John Nelson

Mrs. KellyAnn Nelson

Pete Nerone

Donna Newcomb in honor of Dr. James Scruton

Jerry Newfarmer and Amy Paul

Mrs. Robin Nielsen

Emily Nietupski

David Niezgodski

Barbara Norton

Yevgeny Novikov

Beth Nunlist-Young

Ms. Phyllis Oditz

Joan and David Olson in memory of Rocco Dal Vera and Andrew Ramsey

Steven Owen

Vincent Panarelli

Pepper and Cliff Peale

Penny Pensak

Debby Perkins in honor of Dale Hodges

Mr. Bruce Petrie

Alice Petz

Suzie Pfeiffer

Carol and Ed Pfetzing

MaryAnn Pietromonaco

Chad Pinson

Lori Pitstick

William Pollitt

Sherrie and Will Potts

Phil Price

Aaron Proffitt

Mr Richard Pryor

Martha Ragland

Mrs. Pamela Rayome

Mrs. Patricia Renneker

Joyce Rich

John and Nicole Rizzo

Nancy Roach-Feig

John Robson

Laurie and Dan Roche

Mr. James Roetenberger

Michael Rogers

Daniel Roketenetz

Ms. Diane Roland

Michael Roos

Jens Rosin

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ross

Lisa Ruggiero

Ms. Kristin Rutter

Martine and Jack Ryan

Lisa Sadai

Dawne E. Sarchet

Martha Sarra

Mr. David Sass

Mark and Jan Sass

John Savage and Mary P. Buck

Ms. Jennifer Saxena

Nik Saxon

Mary Lee Schaffer in memory of Donald Hall

Susan Schapiro

Dina Scharnhorst

George R. Schmitz

William Schnure

Rick Schroeder

Ethan Schuh in honor of Sarah Dorger

Doug and Jenny Sena

Michelle Setzer

Jon and Jackie Seymour

Justin Singree

Elizabeth Smith

Samantha Smith

Christine Socwell

Ellen Sole

Kay and Larry Sparks

Ms. Fairy Starling

Bonnie Stewart

Mr. Carl Stich

Marshall Stuart

Dr. CJ Suchyta

Courtney Sulentic

Adam Sullivan

Mr. Steven Sullivan

Kathleen Szczur

Sarah Tankersley

Bruce Tanzer and Gabriela Anaya

Princess Tiffannie Taylor

Phyllis and Allen Tenenholtz

John Tergerson

Judy A Tessel

Scott Thamann

Barbara Thomas

Mr. Russell Thomas in honor of Russell R. Thomas, Sr.

Gordon Thompson

Dr. Thomas Thompson

Sherri Tieger

Nicholas Tuttle

J. Robert Van Gilder

Anton and Gail Viditz-Ward

Linda Voss

Julia Wadih

Anne Wallace

Catherine and Hugh Walsh

Danielle Wapnowski

Buzz Ward

Suzanne and William Ward in honor of Finnola Comparetto, Johanna Ward

Ms. Sarah Warner in honor of Tony Ellis

Randy Waterhous

Pann and Terry Webb

Allison Webster

Martin Weichert

Dr. Stephen Wendt

Arlene Werts

Diane West

Mr. Jim Wheeler

Ms. Mary Whitaker

Polly Whittaker

Patricia Wilhelm

Murray Wilson

Bill and Kathy Winters

Kristin Woeste

Shelby Wood

Ms. Lauren Woodiwiss

Dr. Creighton B. Wright in honor of Otto M. Budig

Lydia Yocum

Sponsor an Artist

CSC is the only theatre in Cincinnati to employ a resident ensemble of 15-20 artists. International and American artists join CSC and many end up making Cincinnati a long-term home. You can sponsor an ensemble member, a group of artists or a member of CSC’s production team – costume designers, set and lighting artisans or stage and production managers. Artist Sponsorships are for the length of the season and sponsors enjoy on-site recognition and other special benefits. To learn more, contact Amy Smith at 513-381-2273, extension 3205.

Belles of the Bard

Belles of the Bard is a membership program for women who are wild for Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. Members will enjoy special behind-the-scenes access to see how the play is brought to life with tours of our costume and set design studios, a meet and greet with artists in the cast and a special back stage Belles of the Bard party with the director of the show. To learn more, contact Amy Smith at 513-381-2273, extension 3205.