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A message from Producing Artistic Director, Brian Isaac Phillips

We Need Your Support Now

It is with a heavy heart, that we announce the remaining performances in our 2019-2020 Season have now been cancelled in response to the order released by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine limiting public gatherings and the public health crisis.

We are a community of artists, collaborating on projects onstage and off. As a supporter of Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, you are such an important part of our family. As you can imagine, we are devastated to close our doors for the time being. We know that for so many, attending a performance is a chance to escape and the power of live theatre creates a common bond desperately needed in these uncertain times. While nothing can replace these in-person connections, we hope that you take comfort in the fact that we are working tirelessly to create new ways to connect with you as we all move forward together.

More than ever before, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company needs your support. Please consider making a donation to protect our ability to create powerful and engaging theatre long after this period of uncertainty. While our performances, workshops, classes, and events cannot go on, the lives and livelihoods of those who make the art you love must. Your philanthropic support ensures that when this crisis ends – and it will – Cincinnati Shakespeare Company will still be right here waiting for you with open arms, ready to hold up a mirror to reflect all the best parts of our shared humanity.

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company appreciates your continued support and understanding as we make decisions in the best interest of our community. We look forward to seeing you back at the Otto soon. Please be well and thank you for sharing in our mission to bring Shakespeare and the Classics to life for all.

Other Ways to Help

Subscribe to Next Season

Buy your 2020-2021 Season Subscription TODAY! We are looking ahead to the next season and are very excited about the return to our stage. By subscribing today for next season, you are lending your support for our future early and helping to stabilize our revenue. All Early Bird prices have been continued and the on sale date for Single Tickets has been pushed back so now is the perfect chance to get your tickets at the best prices and start looking ahead to better days! Having your commitment as a subscriber today helps to ensure our future stability.


Give or get a CSC Gift Certificate. Buying a Gift Certificate for yourself or someone you love is a great way to show your support for the future of CSC and provide much needed revenue TODAY.  And, of course, you can use that gift certificate on any future season or subscription! Think of it as looking ahead to brighter days when we can all gather together again at the theater.

Current Ticket Holders

If you had tickets for a cancelled production, we share your disappointment that we are unable to welcome you to our theater for these productions. We are committed to making it possible for you to visit us in the future. As previously shared, ticket exchanges will be available to you for a future production.  When we know our reopening date, we will reach out to you all individually regarding ticket exchange and credit options.  

As a non-profit organization, we rely on the audience we serve. By considering a donation of your tickets in lieu of a credit, you are providing vital support at an unpredictable time for Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. Your support will secure the future of bringing Shakespeare and the Classics to life for our community. Click the button below to donate your tickets and receive a donation receipt for your tax purposes.


ArtsWave is the engine for Greater Cincinnati’s arts. ArtsWave funds and supports 100+ arts projects and organizations through impact-based grants, including Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. Those projects and organizations create a wave of arts that connect our region and make it vibrant.

The arts play an essential role in the success of our region. They attract national acclaim and drive tourism. They make our region a more attractive place to live and work. They bring vitality to our neighborhoods. They foster creativity and learning in our future leaders. They even help bring us together as a community across cultural divides.

Those impacts are made possible by your gift to ArtsWave, the nation’s oldest and largest community campaign for the arts.

COVID Closure Fund Donors

We wish to thank the following who have supported Cincinnati Shakespeare Company in this time of great need.  We are forever grateful.

Anonymous (18)
Anonymous, in honor of The Hudson family
Anonymous, in honor of Deborah Pfetzing
Karen and Jeff Anderson
Mrs. Virginia Anderson
Ms. Courtney Anthony
Melissa Antonides
Carrie Atzinger
Kelly Austin
Matt Austin
Anne Badanes
Ann Bailey
Olivia Ballard
Michael Barnett
Ron Bates and Randy Lasley
Lisa Beckelhimer
Mrs. Mary Ann Bell
Nicholas Belperio
Emily Bennings
Teresa Benson
Patricia Beresford
Erika Beresford-Kroeger
Pam Bernstein
Maureen Bickley
Liz Billmann
Ann Birkenhauer
Scott Bischoff
Mike Bolender
Amy Bonta
Erica Bottger
Jennifer Bowman
Robert Brackenbury
Pamela Brailsford
Rebecca and John Bromels
Douglas Bruestle
Barbara Bruce
Jennifer Brunette
George and Cindy Burkhart
Jeff Caley
Jake Campbell
Julie Carpenter
Janice Carrozzella
Susan Carson
Carol and Cam Carver
Ms. Linda Chatterjee
Tracy Cheever
Kathy and Michael Clark
Katie and Jon Clark, in honor of Sara Clark Rose
Reed Clark
J and B Clarke
Francis Clifton
Brian and Elizabeth Coley
Sallie Conley
Doren Cook
Laura Coomer
Janet Cotner
Mr. Ronald Crossland
Thomas Cruse
Lisa Cupito
Jayson Currier
Bryan Daly
Mark Dauner
Janet Davidson
Devin Davidson
Patrick and Shelly Deavy
Frank Delaney
Mr. Benjamin Demaree
Ms. Catherine Dempsey, in honor of Jeanna Vella
Mike and Cathy DeWeirdt
Joseph Dicesare
Doug and Sara Dicken
David W. Dobbs
Chris Dobbs
Andy Dobson
Barbara Doviak
David and Kelley Downing
Tom and Dale Due
Robert Dutina
Kristen Dyer
Kay and Joe Ellis
Nancy Ellwood
Linnea Eschenlohr
Steven Skibo and Susan Esler
Laura Evers
Amy Eyers
Karen Faaborg
Emily Farish
Kyle Ferguson
Liz Fernandez
Amy Firis
Angie Fischer
Mary Fitzpatrick
Maggie Flanagan
Amy Fontaine
Julia Fowler
Marcia Freyman
Rosalind Gallaspie
Georgine Getty
Deborah Gilbert
Gary and Tricia Glass
Dr. Jane Goecke
Noah Goertemiller
Jeanne Golliher

Sarah and Matt Graber
Kevin Grace
Mary Gray
Mr. Chris Green
Sarah Gregg
Mindy Gregorsok
Jennifer Groman
Dominic Guido
Michael Gumbleton, in honor of Sara Clark
The Gumbleton Family
Amit Gupta
Martha Harris
Lloyd Hartsough
Mary Haupt
Steve Hegwood
Ms. Katheryn Hellerman
Robert J. Roesbery and Nancy C. Helwig
Ms. Carol Hershenson
Kristen Higgins, in honor of Ashley Weingard
Suzanne Marie Hitt
Alan, Lesley, and Maerin Hodge
Stephanie Hoeppner
Terri Holten, in honor of Rachael Moser
Elzie Barker and Joe Hornbaker
Jennifer Horvath
Kevin Howard
The Tobin-Howsons
Susan and Greg Howson
Greg Hudson
Andrew Hungerford
Anna M. HusVar
Susan Jackson
Jefferson and Marty James
Todd and Tricia James
Dale Jenkins
William Taulby Johnson
Anne Jones
Brandy Jones, in honor of Mialani, Carlitos, and Luciano
Heather Jones
Israel Jones
Kimberly Jones
Sarah Judd, in memory of Bud Haupt
Stephanie Keinath
Suzanne Kemp
Steve Kenat
Katharyn Kennedy
Patricia Kern
Dr. Robert Kindel
Kathy King
Cynthia King
Rachel Kirley
Dawn Knochenmuss
Kimberly Knue
Emily Knue
Jean Knuth
Caroline Koch
Rebecca Kosina
Janet Kratochvil
Jamie Kuhn
Sheila Kuhn
Susan Lange
Russell Lascelles and Janet Schultz
Marc and Lauren le Roux
Carolyn Leicht
Ms. Betsy Leigh
Tony and Elaine Leist
Greg LeMay
Theresa Lemmerman
Sara Lewis
Halee Lichtle
Matthew Long
Joyce Looby
John-Peter Lund
Sharon Madden
Ann Maki
Elaine Manieri
Heather Mann
Fred Martens
Mr. Neil Mathews
Christa and Mark McAndrew
Emma McAvoy
Shawna McCloskey
Elizabeth McCord
Amanda McGee
Dale L. McGirr
Bill and Karen McKim
Dan Mcloughlin
Tom McMackin
Melissa McNitt, in honor of Tamyr McWethy
Colleen McSwiggin
Caitlin McWethy
Joann Mead
Nancy Merrow
Tippy and Bailee Meyer
Anne Miller
Michael Mitrovich
Joe and Norah Mock
Jennifer Moix
Abby Moser, in honor of my sister Rachael Moser
Margaret Muething
Paul and Jul Murphy
Heather Murphy
Dr. John Myers

Beth Myers
David Nardo
Chris Nare
Drs. Nick Newman and Leila Saxena
Carolyn Noe
Fred and Barbara Norton
Eric Okerson
Dr. Niamh J. O'Leary
Joanne and Tim Oppelt
Mary Beth Martin and Kenneth Oswald
L. Susan Pace
Sherry Parker
Karen Paxton
Jeffrey Perkins
Maggie Perrino
Devon Peters
Nancy Phelan
Cass and Glenn Plott
Patrick Points
Ryan Poole
Margaret Polanski
Benjamin Pressley
Spencer and Bev Pugh
Jessica Quitter
Nectar Ramirez
Dan Rankin
Mitch and Karen Rashkin
Claire Rechnitzer
Grace Reef
Mr. Darren Renner
Rosemary Reynolds
Stacey Rich
Margaret Richards
Sandra Riegler
John and Nicole Rizzo
Mr. Stephen Robinson
Patty and Keith Rosely, in honor of Sara Clark
Bethany Rouch
Margaret Roulier
Dr. Peter Ruehlman
Ms. Marie Rusincovitch, in honor of Jeanna Vella
Mr. Dick Russell
Brian Rust
Louis Ryan
Gregory Saelens
Suzanne Schindler
Rosemary and Mark Schlachter
Jim Schmidt
Erica Schultz
James Schuttemeyer
Jean Sens
Rachel Sexton
Catherine Shackson
Shakespeare Society of Zanesville
Eileen Sharkey
Samantha Shattuck
Mrs. Danyne Sherman
Sue Showers
Edward Silberstein
Ellie Small
Mary Smethurst
Nikki Smith
Christine Socwell
Paul Spearman
Mike Steinman
Mark and Anne Stepaniak
Deborah Stevens
Ms. Stacy Stockley
Mrs. Mara Stumbo
Steven Sullivan
Jennifer Suttles
Rachel Szeles
Ms. Linda Tache
Georgana Taggart
Ella C. Tarczy
Elizabeth Tate
JB Taylor
Lindsay Taylor
Don Tecklenburg
John Tergerson
Elizabeth Tillis-Gilland
Jenny Timon
Dr. Cherie Torres-Silva
Ingo Trauschweizer
Jody Tsevat
Joel Tsevat
Ms. Nancye Van Brunt
Jeanna Vella
Brent Vimtrup
Nancy Wade
Jeffrey Walkup, in honor of Eric Zahn
Robert Wallace
Amanda Webb
William Watts
Richard and Debbie Westheimer
Kevin and Sarah Whitman
Steve Whitt
Christine Whittaker
Angela Williams
Dakota Williams
Janice Wilson
Kelly and Angela Wray
Cedric Wright
George and Nancy Yund
Ms. Karen Zaugg

Note that we are updating this list weekly and will endeavor to correctly recognize all of our supporters. If you see a problem with this list, please accept our apologies and email to correct.  Thank you.


Contact Director of Development Sara Clark at 513-381-2273, extension 3208, or