Julius Caesar (Radio & Video)

Enjoy a special 1-hour audio drama adaptation OR video adaptation of Julius Caesar 

Enjoy Julius Caesar multiple ways- on the RADIO or VIDEO! This epic tale of conspiracy, power, and political idolatry feels hauntingly familiar to today's world.

"Et tu, Brute?"

Watch the Julius Caesar recording online!

Watch at the button below. Premieres at 7pm on Friday April 9

A very special thanks to WVXU for their continued partnership.

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Marcus Anthony

Julius Caesar (Radio), Julius Caesar/Lucius/Pindarus (Video & Tour)

Angelique Archer

Decius/Portia (Radio), Decius/Portia/Octavius Caesar/Pleb (Video & Tour)

Arrianna Chai

Marcus Brutus (Radio), Brutus/Pleb (Video & Tour)

Colleen Dougherty

Caius Cassius (Radio), Cassius/Pleb (Video & Tour)

Lennon Hu

Caska/Soothsayer (Radio), Caska/Calpurnia/Pleb (Video & Tour)

Abigail Rose Nakken

Marc Antony (Radio), Marc Antony/Cinna/Soothsayer (Video & Tour)

Sara Clark

Calpurnia/Lucius (Radio)

Jeremy Dubin

Narrator (Radio)

Cal Harris

Lepidus (Radio)

Brian Isaac Phillips

Cinna/Octavius (Radio)

  • Crystian Wiltshire

    Production Director

  • Jeremy Dubin

    Radio Adapter and Director

  • Cal Harris

    Filming and Editing (Video)

  • Kevin Semancik

    Recording, Editing and Sound Design (Radio)

  • Abbi Howson

    Production Manager

Starting on the Ides of March (March 15), listen to the radio broadcast online here.

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