The Merry Wives of Windsor on the Radio

Enjoy a special 1-hour audio drama adaptation of The Merry Wives of Windsor

Sunday June 13, 7-8pm on 91.7 WVXU

The bawdy, bombastic, and chronically cash-poor Sir John Falstaff has been causing problems in the quiet town of Windsor. When his massive bar tab outstrips his meager means, he needs to raise some cash—and quick. He hatches a plan to seduce two of Windsor's most wealthy married women, but when they catch wind of his salacious scheme, they turn the tables on their would-be wooer, joining forces to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.

A very special thanks to WVXU for their continued partnership to present this ongoing Second Sunday Shakespeare Series!

Premieres on 91.7 WVXU Sunday June 13, 7-8pm
How to listen:
Radio 91.7 FM
Tell your smart speaker to "Play WVXU"

Geoffrey Warren Barnes II

Page/ Robin

Sara Clark

Mistress Ford

Jeremy Dubin


Candice Handy

Mistress Quickly/ Pistol

Cal Harris

Shallow/ Host/ Robert

Miranda McGee

Mistress Page

Brian Isaac Phillips


  • Jeremy Dubin


  • Brian Lloyd

    Sound Engineer

  • Abbi Howson

    Production Manager

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