Romeo and Juliet (Radio & Video)

This Valentine's Day, enjoy this romantic tragedy from home for FREE!

Enjoy Romeo and Juliet as a streaming video performance AND adapted for radio airing on WVXU Valentine's Day weekend

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One of the most beloved romantic tragedies in Shakespeare’s canon, Romeo and Juliet is the tale of Bard’s star-crossed lovers. Juliet and Romeo fall instantly in love only to discover they come from feuding families. In defiance of their families, amidst the animosity of friends, and in concealment from their mentors, the young couple risks everything to be together.

CSC is proud to present Romeo and Juliet in these two formats that can be enjoy from your home at no cost and prove its continued relevance in the lives of young and old alike.

Romeo and Juliet is presented in celebration of ArtsWave #ILovetheArts Weekend to kick off their annual campaign!

To mark the beginning of the 2021 ArtsWave Campaign and in celebration of Valentine’s Day weekend, there were events throughout the weekend to enjoy local arts in a safe and distanced manner like Romeo and Juliet!  Cincinnati Shakespeare Company is very grateful for the support ArtsWave has given during this time and we hope that you will support their annual campaign.

Watch at the button below:

On Valentine's Day Sunday February 14 at 7 p.m., gather round your radio or speaker of choice for a special 1-hour audio drama adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

A very special thanks to WVXU for their continued partnership with Cincinnati Shakespeare Company during this time.  This special 1-hour adaptation features the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company "Pandemic Players" in a paired down retelling of this romantic tragedy.  And as a final Valentine's Day treat, enjoy sonnets from ensemble members!

Listen at the button below:

Marcus Anthony

Benvolio/Lord Capulet (Tour), Benvolio (Radio)

Angelique Archer

Tybalt/Friar (Tour), Friar Laurence (Radio)

Arrianna Chai

Juliet/Abraham (Tour), Juliet (Radio)

Colleen Dougherty

Nurse/Prince/Paris (Tour), Nurse/Prince Escalus (Radio)

Lennon Hu

Romeo/Sampson (Tour), Romeo (Radio)

Abigail Rose Nakken

Mercutio/Lady Capulet/Lady Montague (Tour), Mercutio/Lady Montague (Radio)

Sara Clark

Lady Capulet/Sampson (Radio)

Jeremy Dubin

Narrator (Radio)

Cal Harris

Tybalt (Radio)

Brian Isaac Phillips

Lord Capulet/Abraham (Radio)

  • Courtney Lucien

    Tour Director

  • Kamryn Cosby

    Assistant Stage Manager

  • Cal Harris

    Video, Editing, and Sound Designer

  • Jeremy Dubin

    Radio Adapter

  • Kevin Semancik

    Recording Engineer

  • Gina Cerimele Mechley

    Fight Choreography

  • Abbi Howson

    Production Manager

Listen to the radio broadcast online here.