The War of the Worlds: An Audio Drama

This original version, written and directed by CSC’s own Jeremy Dubin and Brian Isaac Phillips, and featuring the vocal talents of CSC’s Pandemic Players, premiered on WVXU on Friday October 30.

In 1938, the legendary Mercury Theatre Company led by Orson Welles delivered the single most notorious broadcast in radio history- a riveting adaptation of H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds. The broadcast’s depiction of a Martian invasion was so realistic, it incited a nation-wide panic. This Halloween, pop in your earbuds as CSC brings Wells’ chilling sci-fi thriller back to life in a brand new auditory experience inspired by the Mercury Theatre’s original broadcast. This audio drama and promises to be a close encounter of the kind you won't want to miss.

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company presents this 1-hour radio version of The War of the Worlds in partnership with WVXU.

The War of the Worlds was produced by Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and provided to WVXU and our community at no cost.  We hope that you will consider supporting this and other projects by Cincinnati Shakespeare Company during this time.

Marcus Anthony

Reporter 1/Caller 4/Daniel

Angelique Archer

Vice President/Caller 2

Arrianna Chai

Reporter 3/Agnes Van Buren

Sara Clark

Dr. Joanne Cotton

Colleen Dougherty

Reporter 2/BBC Anchor/Caller 1

Jeremy Dubin

Studs Kirkwood

Cal Harris

Press Secretary Welles

Lennon Hu

General Houseman/Caller 3

Abigail Rose Nakken

Kelly LaRue

Brian Isaac Phillips


  • Jeremy Dubin

    Co-Director, Playwright

  • Brian Isaac Phillips

    Co-Director, Playwright

  • Brian Lloyd

    Sound Engineer

  • Cal Harris

    Editor and Sound Designer

  • Lennon Hu

    Original Music

  • Abbi Howson

    Production Manager

  • Lightborne

    Artwork Designer

  • ....and a special appearance by

  • WVXU's Bill Rinehart

    as himself

  • Very special thanks to:

  • Chris Phelps

    and the team at WVXU