New Theater

We are overjoyed to welcome you to the most unique theater experience in Cincinnati. At The Otto M. Budig Theater, there are only 6 rows and all seats are less than 20 feet from the stage. That’s closer to the performance than any other venue in the region and makes our amazing new space the most unique and intimate theater experience in Cincinnati.

Take a look at the photos below – these architectural renderings of the inside of the theater show you how close the thrust stage truly is. In our new intimate setting, every seat brings you close to the action. The only thing missing from this photo is YOU.

It is our pleasure to introduce the The Otto M. Budig Theater. Because we will be bringing you closer to our performances and our actors than ever before, all of the passion and power of the stage is within your reach.

All of the information on the new season and how to get tickets to join us is in your hands. We can’t wait to see you at The Otto M. Budig Theater for our Debut Season!







Jay Woffington & Brian Isaac Phillips



Grab a bite to eat and explore OTR before or after the show. Find more information here on dining and parking in the neighborhood.


With seats no further than 20 feet away from the stage, you can't go wrong with any one. To learn more about seating and see views from the stage and lobby, click here.