Subscription Redemption Directions

Have you purchased your subscription and would like to select your dates and seats?

Click the button below.  Detailed directions are also below.

To redeem your tickets, continue with these steps- remember, you can redeem tickets at anytime!

1) Make sure you are logged into your account by clicking here.

2) Return to this page and click the button above and select the show titles you want to set your tickets up for and follow the check out process!



-As you add tickets to your cart, the cost will automatically be reduced to $0.00 for each of the number of tickets in your subscription. Make sure you have selected the correct Zone for your Subscription type.

-Follow the steps to complete the transaction all the way through. You should not have to pay any additional money for tickets as long as you did not order more tickets than your subscription covers.  If the system is asking for an amount due for tickets, click the + in the upper right hand corner and select the icon for “My Account” to make sure you are logged in or stop and call the Box Office at 513.381.2273.  (And remember as a Subscriber you may also receive discounts on additional ticket purchases after you have used your subscription! But that should only be after using your subscription tickets.)

-When the transaction is successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation email. If you selected to “Print your ticket at home”, a separate email will be sent with a PDF attachment of these tickets or if you selected "Leave my Tickets in the Box Office" they will be waiting for you to pick up on the day of the show.

-Remember, you can log in anytime online here and view your orders under “My Orders”. 

-As always, call the Box Office at 513-381-2273 or email if you have any problems and we will be happy to assist you. 

All seats and performances are first come, first serve and a subscription does not guarantee admittance. Advanced booking of your tickets is not required but is recommended.  Subscription purchases are non refundable.