A Room in the Castle Based on the Women of "Hamlet." By Lauren M. Gunderson

January 24 - February 9, 2025

In this parallel retelling of Hamlet from Ophelia and Gertrude's perspectives, the focus shifts to their emotional journey amidst the chaos of the Danish court. Ophelia’s narrative begins with the blossoming of a secret romance with Hamlet, filled with promise and youthful passion. As the court's intrigue deepens, Ophelia and Gertrude finds themselves ensnared in a web of political machinations and familial expectations, struggling to maintain power and agency. Will their ending be a confirmation of Shakespeare's original or a liberation from it? Find out in the World Premiere of Lauren Gunderson’s A Room in the Castle.

Presented in partnership with the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington D.C.

This season, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company embarks on PROJECT Hamlet, presenting a trio of productions that explore the timeless tragedy of "Hamlet." The series begins with a FREE production of "Hamlet" in the parks across the tri-state area, followed by the Cincinnati premiere of James Ijames' Pulitzer Prize-winning play "Fat Ham," which reimagines the story of "Hamlet" as a backyard BBQ in the South. The series concludes with the World Premiere of Lauren Gunderson's "A Room in the Castle" which is based on the women of "Hamlet." This play was commissioned by CSC and is presented in collaboration with the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC. Experience them all!

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