What is PROJECT38?

Each school year for PROJECT38, CSC collaborates with 38 different area schools, giving each school one of the 38 plays in Shakespeare’s canon. The program culminates in the PROJECT38 Festival at the end of the school year.


38 plays at 38 schools sounds impossible, but CSC does just that through its most innovating and wide-reaching education program. Your gift helps underwrite teaching artist-based instruction at more than 38 schools across the tristate and supports the PROJECT38 Festival every spring.

2024 Festival

APRIL 22 - May 1, 2024



CSC’s game changing educational initiative for students of all ages.

HOW does it work?

Actors from Cincinnati Shakespeare's resident ensemble go into 38+ schools as teaching artists. Each actor is paired with one or two schools and they work WITH a group of 5-35 students over a 9 month academic year to develop and co-create interpretations of one play from Shakespeare’s 38 play canon.

WHY do we do PROJECT38?

The learning benefits are massive. Rather than just read the script  and hear a lecture, students actively create, perform, make, act, write, think, solve problems, map out a plan AND learn more about the genius of Shakespeare.

  • For one school, Shakespeare comprehension grades increased 4X.
  • Overall academic performance among the participants improved by 47%
  • And, students saw a 75% improvement in attitude, confidence, motivation, and willingness to speak in public.

How MUCH does it cost the school and how can I support the program?

CSC offers PROJECT38—including the free festival—at NO COST to the students, teachers, schools or the community. We are fortunate to receive generous support from individuals, foundations and corporate partners covering about 60% of our direct costs. You can support us online here.

Attention Teachers! Considering applying for PROJECT38?
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is PROJECT 38?

PROJECT 38 is an arts education initiative that celebrates Cincinnati Shakespeare’s strong working relationship with schools and their recent completion of the 38 play canon.  It will culminate in the PROJECT 38 festival at the end of the school year which will become a multi-day celebration in which all the students will gather and share what they’ve created with each other, their schools, family and friends and with the community at large.

What will our PROJECT38 project be?

Anything you and your students want it to be! With 38 different schools coming together, we want to bring together a festival of 38 specialized and individual projects as unique as every group. This way, every year is a completely new, unique, and personalized festival.

Will my students be able to watch/see other schools’ productions and projects?

Yes! With a weeklong festival presentation, there will be various projects going on throughout a seven day span. We highly encourage each school to attend, view, and celebrate in the successes of the 37 other groups.

Is PROJECT38 suitable for students of all ages?

Yes! Our teaching artists are trained to teach students as young as elementary or as old as high school. We will create a lesson plan curated for your classroom's needs and experience levels.

How much will PROJECT38 cost my school?

Absolutely nothing. This project can be as simple as a monologue from one student on a bare stage or as extravagant as a fully realized projection. However, please understand that support from CSC will be in the form of a teaching artist or more in your classroom to assist in your process as well as small financial assistance. We can do a lot with a little!

Does my school’s project have to be theatrically based?

Absolutely not. In fact, we want to see a broad range of projects. Do you have a group of singers? Great! A group of visual artists? Wonderful! What about a home-ec class that wants to make a recipe for Titus’ pie? That works too! We want to see as many different and unique approaches to these 38 stories as possible.

How often will I have a CSC artist visiting my school?

That depends on your project. We understand a full production requires more support than a student who prepares a monologue. The exact time commitment will be determined after the projects are decided.

Additional questions?

For information about how to support or get involved with PROJECT 38, please contact Education Associate, Emily Bruns online here.