Summer Camps

Thank you for a great summer!  2019 Summer Camp has ended.

Downtown Camps take place at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company (1195 Elm St. Cinci, OH 45202) and next door at the School for Creative and Performing Arts (108 W. Central Parkway Cinci, OH 45202).

Pirate, Spy, Fairy, Monster, Comedian, Actor...

Be them ALL at Theatre Summer Camp!

6 Weeks Available. New YOU Every Week

Juniors (1st-6th Grade) Camp

For students who have completed grades 1 through 6

Whether you’ve never stepped on a stage before, or have already been bitten by the acting bug, our introductory camps are the perfect place to learn some new skills, make some new friends, and have a whole lot of fun! From Stage Combat to Clowning, from Maskwork to Make-up, CSC Theatre Camp offers something for everyone.

June 10-14: Time Travel Adventure (Downtown)
Hop in your TARDIS, Delorean or time machine of your choosing, and explore some of the most exciting moments in human history! Then see what might happen if you were able to nudge things in a different direction.

June 17-21: Goosebumps, Ghouls & Goblins (Downtown)
Get ready for Halloween in June with a week of chills, thrills, scary stories and tales of terror! Monsters and mayhem take the stage as we explore stories of things that go bump in the night.

June 24-28: Make 'em Laugh (Downtown)
Spend a week cracking up and clowning around! Our comedy camp will teach you all you need to know about pratfalls, puns and maybe even pies-in-the face, because laughter is serious business.

July 8-12: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Downtown)
Be it wolf, dog, horse, owl, pig or bear, many of our most beloved stories are all about animals Join us for an exciting week that will allow you to step into the skin of some of our furry, fanged or feathered friends and foes from the animal kingdom.

July 15-19: Superheroes & Supervillains (Downtown)
Come create a comic book universe and then bring it to life on stage! What super powers will you choose? Will you use your powers for good or evil? And most importantly: capes or no capes? The answers to these questions and more await you at our Superheroes & Supervillains Camp.

July 22-26: Swords & Sorcery (Downtown)
Come join us for a week of swinging swords and slinging spells! What tales of daring-do will unfold as you create a world full of wizards, wands, duels, dragons, magic and more? Find out at our Swords and Sorcery Camp!

Seniors (7th-12th Grade) Camp

For students who have completed grades 7 through 12

For years CSC’s Shakespeare Summer Camp has provided students with a camp experience unlike any in the Tri-State. Campers work with members of CSC’s professional resident ensemble, staging scenes, learning the tricks of the trade, gaining confidence, and often finding a community of friends that lasts well beyond the summer.

June 10-14: Game of Thrones (Downtown)
If you thought the Mother of Dragons was tough, wait until you meet the She-Wolf of France. And the sinister scheming of Lord Littlefinger pales in comparison to the murderous machinations of Richard III. Explore some of history’s greatest heroes and most notorious monsters as they engage in the ultimate play for power.

June 17-21: Come to the Dark Side (Downtown)
Humanity’s worser angels take the stage in this week dedicated to villainy, vengeance and all things vile. Plumb the depths with Macbeth, explore the evil of Iago and revel in the rottenness of all the rest who make being bad look so good.

June 24-28: Love is Love (Downtown)
Whether romantic or familial, harrowing or hilarious, silly or star-crossed, love is love, and it’s what being human is all about. Spend a week delving into scenes that explore how love brings us together and occasionally tears us apart.

Other Important Information

Location and Times

Camp takes place at The Otto M. Budig Theater at 1195 Elm Street and surrounding areas from 9am-5pm each day.


The camp is directed by CSC Artistic Associate Jeremy Dubin and staffed by members of CSC Resident Ensemble of professional actors and teaching artists.  There is also a full staff of counselors who monitor students throughout the day and at lunch.

Meals at Camp

Campers must pack their own lunch and snack each day.


Auditions for the Shakespeare Camp for 6-12th graders will happen in May.  The audition helps the camp director assess camper experience levels and assign roles in advance to  give the students a chance to familiarize and work on memorization before camp starts.  For the audition, campers should prepare a 1-minute memorized (preferred but not required) Shakespeare monologue. If your student is not available on the audition day, email the camp director to arrange an appointment to audition.


All camps cost $295 for the week. Full payment is required to hold your student’s spot.  You will be redirected to a payment page after completing the registration.  Please note that there are no refunds.


Please direct all questions to Director of Creative Education Jeremy Dubin at

See what STUDENTS are saying about Cincinnati Shakespeare Summer Camp:

"Shakespeare Camp is a wonderful place because I can open up and truly be myself without having to worry about being judged. Best. Camp. Ever."

"The impact that Shakespeare Camp has on me is amazing. I come out of it feeling 500% happier and 500% better about myself. It’s the best summer camp I’ve ever done."

"My favorite thing about summer camp is the fact that it was a safe environment to make new friends and mistakes!"

"I recommend the CSC’s summer camp to anyone who not only likes acting, but also anyone who wants to feel more confident in themselves and have a lot of fun in the process!"

"Shakespeare Camp truly was a wonderful experience… the overall quality was a lot higher than that of other places… I would definitely recommend this camp to others and plan on coming back next year wholeheartedly!"

"I look forward to camp all year. The classes, the words, the friends, and the instructors make this camp a magical place."

See what PARENTS are saying about Cincinnati Shakespeare Summer Camp:

"This is the MOST excited my son has been for a summer camp EVER. He loved going every day."

"Marvelous program with remarkable staff!"

"Everything about this camp was well organized- from the communication with parents about everything a parent could think of to the daily schedule of activities for our kids, to the final performance. Thank you for providing such a supportive, educational, fun and creative experience for my daughter!"

"This is an amazing experience for my daughter her increase in confidence and composure is incredible. She was never interested in sports so she never had a good "team" experience. Her camp experience has given her that sense of pride and camaraderie working with others."

"She had not had any exposure to Shakespeare prior to Summer Camp last year and now she loves to perform and see others perform anything from Shakespeare! I am very pleased that she has an appreciation for Shakespeare at only 12 years old!!"