Our Team

Brian Isaac Phillips, Producing Artistic Director (See bio)
Maddie Regan, Managing Director (See bio)

Marcus Anthony, Touring Company Member
Angelique Archer, Tour Manager & Touring Company Member
Kate Bindus, Production Manager
Arrianna Chai, Touring Company Member
Sara Clark, Director of Development
Elaine Cox, Associate Director of Development
Colleen Dougherty, Touring Company Member
Tyren Duncan, Touring Company Member
Rainy Edwards, Resident Costume Designer
Candice Handy, Director of Education
Chris Holloway, Technical Director
Abbi Howson
, Costume Shop Manager
Justen N. Locke, Resident Lighting Designer & Scenic Associate
Hannah Maggard, Front of House Manager
Brianna Miller, Touring Company Member
Sam Reno, Resident Scenic Designer
Jason Stewart, Associate Production Manager
Kara Trusty, Props Supervisor
Lettie Van Hemert, General Manager
Jeanna Vella, Director of Marketing and Data Analytics
Crystian Wiltshire, Associate Artistic Director

As of July 12, 2021